Best Garage Storage Systems: Four of the Best Garage Storage Systems of All Time

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A garage can be more than just a place to keep your cars. If you have the right storage system for it, your garage can become a valuable space for keeping things organized and out of the house.

With garage storage systems, you want something that’s sturdy and provides a lot of space for many different types of items. The four best storage spaces that provide this are:

The following is a list of four of the best storage systems for multiple sizes of garages. There is also a detailed description of different types of storage systems for garages.

Best Garage Storage Systems

There is a garage storage system for every type and size of garage out there. But the following is a list of the four best storage units that you can invest in.

Seville Classics Heavy Duty UltraHD Storage Stacker Cabinet

To start off the list, the Seville Classics Heavy Duty UltraHD Storage Stacker Cabinet is the most highly rated cabinet storage system. It’s light weight and compact size make it a good addition to your storage space, or you can use it as a singular cabinet.

The cabinet measures:

  • Thirty-six inches long
  • Eighteen inches wide
  • Eighteen and a half inches tall

The cabinet weight includes:

  • Twenty-eight pounds for the cabinet itself
  • Pre-installed shelves can hold up to 300 pounds all together.

The stainless steel material is:

  • Extremely durable
  • Painted over with a powder coat
  • Scratch resistant
  • Dent proof
  • Fingerprint resistant lock and key

This cabinet will definitely keep your most valuable tools and equipment safely locked away.

The cabinet is also very simple to assemble and you can add it onto any other brand of cabinets to increase your storage space. The main complaint about this cabinet is that it doesn’t come with a shelf, so storing smaller items is a little difficult.

STERILITE Five Shelf Unit

If you want something that will take up more space upwards rather than outwards, then the STERILITE Five Shelf Unit is the best shelf storage system to get.

This five shelf heavy duty storage shelf includes the features of:

  • Made of a durable tubular material designed for heavy duty usage.
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Seventy-five inches tall and eighteen inches long, so it will fit easily in most garage spaces

This shelf is capable of holding the heaviest of your lawn equipment without the need for a bulky shelf. With mostly five star ratings, purchasers are raving about how easy it is to assemble and how well it stands the test of time. You can also purchase as many as you want and set them side by side, rather than one giant shelf which could cost you more. You can make your shelving a little more customizable with how compact these shelves are, tailored to what you need and what space you have.

The main complaint among reviewers is that the shelves seem to come in different heights. This results in the shelving being uneven and not being able to store what they need. However, a solution has been found to fix this. You simply have to push the shelves all the way down into the corner posts until you hear a popping sound. This will make them securely fastened to each other and make all of the shelves an even height.

Koova Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack Garage Hanger

This type of garage storage is designed to keep your bikes and other bike accessories off of the garage floor. The Koova Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack Garage Hanger is capable of fitting up to six bikes and six helmets, along with some other bike accessories like water bottles and tire liners.

The steel cut bike rack is designed to last a long time with features such as:

  • A powder coat to prevent scratches or dents
  • A sturdy build constructed from solid steel
  • Can fit all different types of bikes, so you don’t have to worry about removing fat tires or having to stuff a large bike into a small rack
  • Very easy to install and has a compact design to fit in any garage space

The main complaint about this bike rack is that it’s a little difficult to lift the bikes off of the rack when you want to use them. The bikes overlap each other when they’re hanging on the wall, which makes it easy for them to get entangled. But if you need more storage space, purchasing another of the racks can be a solid solution.

Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box

Whether you have a profession or a hobby that requires tools, this storage system was made for organizing all of your tools. The Keter Masterloader Resin Rolling Tool Box looks smaller to a rolling cooler but for tools.

It measures twenty-four inches long and sixteen inches high and is supported by two large rolling wheels for easy transportation. The material is coated with a weather and scratch resistant resin that also prevents denting and rusting. The tool chest itself only weighs about thirteen pounds, but it is able to hold up to sixty pounds.

The five star reviews are mostly because of all of the accessories it comes with. For security, this tool chest features a central locking mechanism to keep your tools safe and stable during travel or just for peace of mind. It has an extendable handle to make it easier to roll around and prevent you from having to do any heavy lifting. Some other accessories it includes are:

  • Six removable bins in two sizes for organizing small parts and hardware
  • Bottom divider for deep storage space and large tools
  • Tool divider to keep different tools separate and organized
  • Sliding lids for easy access to any tool you need

The main complaints are about the sliding lids and the drawers. If not slid out completely straight, then they can fall off the rails and create a minor annoying inconvenience. But if you’re already a handyman, finding a simple fix for this should be no problem.

Garage Storage Accessories

Aside from the main storage systems used in garages, you can also use a few garage storage accessories to make your organization game even better. Garage storage accessories include:

  • Pegboards
  • Hooks
  • Baskets
  • Bins

Garage storage accessories can help you minimize the clutter that may be inside your storage systems rather than in your garage itself. Pegboards can provide a small space for storage in a work area to grant easy access and keep the space clean. Hooks can give you some extra options to place small items such as lanterns for better light. Baskets and bins can help you sort tools and equipment that are similar so you can easily and quickly find what you need.

Just like garage storage systems, there are garage storage accessories that are worth the extra money, and those that aren’t.

Best Garage Storage Accessories

From baskets to hooks, the following is a list of the best garage storage accessories to help keep your storage systems organized as well.

Wall Control Pegboard Organizer

Similar to how you can use a cork board to hang up papers, the Wall Control Pegboard Organizer can be used to hang up and organize building tools.

The pegboard is constructed out of solid metal that’s ten times stronger than conventional pegboard material. Despite its durability, it’s very easy to install. Mount on any wall with studs or sheetrock, and no framework required.

The main reason it has primarily five star reviews is because of how customizable it is. It comes with small shelves and hooks that you can arrange in any way you like. The hooks will hold any tool no matter how heavy, and the shelves are compact but can hold a weight of up to twenty pounds.

Right Arrange Wall and Pegboard Mounted Baskets

If you find yourself needing something a little bigger and sturdier to mount onto a pegboard or into another storage space, then the Right Arrange Wall and Pegboard Mounted Baskets is a good option. They’re made with a simple square design from lightweight but sturdy wire.

The baskets come in small to large sizes and are able to fit into any storage system. Each basket can hold up to thirty pounds and they are much larger than most baskets are. They are very quick and easy to install and allow you to keep your most used tools organized and close by. You can also use these baskets for any organizational needs, not just garage equipment.

CoolYeah Steel Garage Storage Utility Double Hooks

These are the best garage storage hooks that you can add onto any storage system. The CoolYeah Steel Garage Storage Utility Double Hooks are capable of holding any types of tools and other accessories.

These hooks are made from a heavy duty iron clasp that holds double hooks coated with durable plastic, able to hold up to forty pounds. They come in different sizes to fit on any storage space and hold any size tool or equipment you need. In addition to tools, these hooks are capable of holding:

  • Ladders
  • Bikes
  • Folding chairs
  • Power tools
  • Garden tools

Most reviews say that the hooks last for a long time and they are very easy to install on any type of storage system. The main complaint is that the hooks sometimes leave patches in the walls when they are removed, but it’s nothing a little paint can’t fix.

Types of Garage Storage Systems

There are more options for garage storage than you might think, so there’s many options depending on how much storage you need and how much space you have. The most common types of garage storage are:


Shelves can be either free standing structures separate from the garage or you can mount them on the wall to maximize storage. There’s also the option to attach add-ons that can connect to each other in different ways.

Free standing shelves usually have features like:

  • Between two and twelve shelves that can be fixed or adjustable
  • They sometimes come with a selection of bins to store items in
  • Add ons to free standing shelves that usually attach by the sides or the corners. Attaching them to the sides will make the shelf longer so you can store longer items such as sleds or bikes. Attaching it by the corners will make it into an L shape so you can fit it to the size of your garage.

Wall and ceiling shelves attach to the wall or get mounted to the ceiling to maximize garage space. These are great for small garages or for belongings you want to keep off of the garage floor. The only downside with these types of shelves is that you want to use them to store items you don’t use too much. Otherwise, you might need to use a ladder to access them.

Shelves can also give you the option to attach racks to them, especially if they’re made of wire. This can save you from having to mount more storage directly onto the wall or ceiling. You can save you some extra time with how quick it is and have additional space to make the most of your storage materials.

Sports Equipment Racks

If you’re an outdoor sports fanatic, this type of garage storage was made for you. Racks can store almost any type of sports equipment, including:

  • Bikes
  • Kayaks
  • Snowboards
  • Skis
  • Surfboards
  • Fishing Gear

Bike racks have ceiling/wall mounted and free-standing options to fit your garage size. Free-standing racks take up more space, but they can fit more bikes in them. Racks that can store skis and snowboards are only available in the wall or ceiling mounted options. You can decide whether to store the skis and snowboards vertically or horizontally.

Kayak racks typically store up to three kayaks. There’s racks that have hooks to hang the kayaks on, or slings to slide your kayaks into. Surfboard racks can also store paddle boards, and the wall or ceiling mounted options store more than any free-standing options.

Racks that store fishing gear are the smallest since fishing rods and tackle boxes don’t take up too much room. You can purchase a wall/ceiling mounted or free-standing rack and both will hold plenty of fishing gear.


Cabinets are the most secure way to store your belongings in your garage. They can prevent things from falling and you can add a padlock to them for extra security. They are available in free standing or wall/ceiling mounted varieties, so garage size isn’t an issue.

Cabinets can also come with a variety of extra additions to make storage easier, including:

  • Adjustable or fixed shelves
  • Wheels
  • Drawers
  • Locks

There are also different types of doors that can come with cabinets. Manual cabinets have doors that 180 degrees and will self-latch when they’re pushed close. Sliding doors are on a spring loaded track that allow the doors to latch and close by themselves.

Complete storage systems are made up of any combination of cabinets, including safety cabinets and storage cabinets. You usually need about three sets of cabinets to make a full storage set, but you can add as many as your garage space will allow. You can also make the free-standing, wall or ceiling mounted, or a combination of both.

Tool Chests

Tools can also clutter your garage and be a dangerous hazard for other people and for other equipment. Fortunately, there’s a selection of tool chests to store your tools in. The most popular types of tool chest storage solutions are:

  • Top chests
  • Middle chests
  • Bottom rollaway chests
  • Combinations of the three

Top chests usually have one to three drawers, but some can have more than twelve drawers. Depending on how many tools or how big your tools are, any of the options can suit what you need. Top chests usually have extra features like:

  • Handles
  • Locking mechanisms
  • Rolling wheels 

Middle chests are smaller than top chests, and only have between one and six drawers for storage. You can purchase them with the options of locks or handles, but they don’t have wheels. It’s a good tool chest option if you don’t have a lot of tools to store or you have a smaller garage or workspace.

Bottom rollaway chests are the second most customizable tool chest option. The options that you can choose from include:

  • Wheels or no wheels
  • Lock or no lock
  • Handle or no handle
  • Number of drawers; one, three, or twelve plus

A combination chest is like all of the above chests in one. It consists of a top chest, middle chest, and bottom chest. They are the most customizable because of how you can rearrange the chests and what you can add on to them.

No matter the type of garage storage space or unit that you need, there is an option that fits for everyone.


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