The 20 Best Accessories for A Garage Tool Board

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A garage tool board is a great way to store your tools, equipment, and supplies safely and efficiently. Whether you’re into DIY, home improvement, woodworking, sports, or just want to get your home more organized, a garage tool board can help you reach your goals.

So, you’ve got the tools and other items you want to be stored away. You’ve already selected the board. Now the big question is, how are you going to accessorize it? The answer depends on what kind of board and tools or other storage needs you have.

Whatever your tool board setup, there are plenty of accessorizing solutions to fit your space and your lifestyle. This article will explore four of the most common types of garage tool boards and some great accessory options for each.

Garage Tool Board Accessories for A Pegboard

Whether made from wood, acrylic, or metal, whether with round, oblong, or square holes, the pegboard style of garage tool board is probably the most popular style around. Take a look and it’s easy to see why: with all of those handy holes already in place, accessorizing (and changing your mind about where to put things) should be a cinch. So, what exactly are the options?

Different Types of Pegboard Hooks

If you’ve seen one hook, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong! Not all hooks are created the same, or serve the same purpose. Whether shopping online or in the hardware store, know exactly what type of hook you are looking for and how it can help you accessorize and organize your tool board.

J Hooks are a Great Solution

J hooks are one of the most common storage solutions for pegboards. Their unique shape will ensure that whatever you choose to hang on them will stay firmly in place without slipping off. Since many handheld tools have a hole in the handle end for hanging, this makes the J hook an easy storage choice. For longer tools such as rakes, or for tools without a hole in the handle, consider hanging two or more J hooks in a line to cradle the tool of your choice.

L Hooks Put a Curve in your Tool Board

If you are seeking a pegboard hook without a dramatic curve to it, L hooks are another valuable option for your pegboard. Tools with particularly bulky or thick handles might not store easily on a J hook, but an L hook might be the perfect alternative.

S Hooks are Versatile

The S hook’s shape makes it one of the most versatile hooks you can incorporate into your pegboard system. You could use this item on its own, or pair it with another type of hook to store individual tools or items of clothing close together. Any handheld tool with a look would naturally pair will with an S hook. This is also a handy option for any items that come in pairs.

Straight Hooks an Alternative to Shelving

Straight hooks are a bit of a misnomer: many of them are not perfectly straight, but have only a slight curve at the end to keep items from falling or slipping off. This type of hook is another viable choice for your pegboard, especially if you are looking for a less permanent alternative to shelving or a way to incorporate bins onto your garage tool board. Two straight hooks placed close together are also a useful way to store longer items such as brooms or dustpans.

Double Utility Hooks Give Twice the Storage

Double utility hooks tend to take after straight hooks in shape while giving you twice the amount of storage in one unit. If you like to keep your tools close together, or want a quick and easy shelving solution for a small tool or tool bin, consider a double utility hook. This nifty accessory will save the time and trouble of trying to line single hooks up next to each other.

Ring Hooks Help Customize Your Tool Board

Ring hooks come in a variety of sizes to help you customize your pegboard storage. This unique type of hook can be used to nest slender hand tools, such as screwdrivers. Other ring hooks are designed to support the shape and weight of bins, which are often sold together in the same kit. A ring hook with a bin is a great way to hold smaller items that tend to pile up or get lost, such as nails or screws. If you have small items that hang, The ring hook itself could also be used to house items such as keys.

Shelf Brackets Used for Larger Items

Any of the hooks mentioned above could theoretically function as a shelf or as a shelf attachment. This is fine for a few or lightweight objects. However, if you have larger or heavier items to store on your garage tool board, consider adding shelf brackets to your list of tool board accessories, especially if your pegboard is made of wood. The triangulated design of the brackets will more safely support your shelvin and protect both your belongings and your pegboard from the damage of a fall.

Paper Towel Holder Helps Keep Your Area Clean

Paper towels (or any kind of towel) are essential to have around for your projects. With a paper towel holder as an accessory, you can keep cleanliness within arm’s reach and make it easy to tear off however much you need at a time. Furthermore, much like other types of hooks, a paper towel holder can be used to hand other useful items, such as keys or an extension cord.

Bins and Baskets for Your Pegboard Tool Board

Hooks are a terrific accessory for your handheld tools, but what about your smaller accessories, such as drill and screwdriver bits? This could be a job for a bin or basket.

Plastic Bins For Small Storage

Plastic bins are sold in a wide variety. Many are designed for easy access and labeling, which is a perfect way to keep some of your smaller tools or tool accessories safely organized. Plastic bins can be made to sit on top of hooks or brackets, or attached with an adhesive, though many are manufactured with a back that will easily attach to the holes in your pegboard.

Wire Baskets Are A Durable Storage Option

For larger or heavier items, such as cleaning supplies or paint cans, a more durable wire basket may be the better option. Like their plastic counterparts, these baskets come in a variety of sizes and depths and are often made with their own attachment for fast and easy installation. A simple S hook configuration can add this item to your pegboard in no time at all.

Jars: A Clear Solution

Organizing jars and another fun and attractive way to organize your materials. The lids both keep your items secure, while securing them to your pegboard, and the clear jars themselves ensure that you can find what you’re looking for right away.

DIY Hooks For Your Pegboard

If you want to get organized on a budget, it is possible to create your own pegboard accessories with items you probably already have around the house! To do so you will need the following materials:

  • Wire coat hangers or rebar wire,
  • Pliers for shaping
  • Wire cutters

With these simple tools, you should be able to shape your own hooks to the desired length and design for your needs. If you have the time and are willing to make the effort, you can get your garage tool board pegboard up and running for very little money. If yo are willing to trade-off to get your system up and running.

Garage French Cleat Board Accessories

The French cleat board is an elegant and attractive way to store your tools and accessories. This ingenious system relies on 45-degree angles to make it work. The “cleat” portion is cut to one 45-degree angle, while the back of the organizer is fitted to be the matching angle. The strengths of this storage system are that it is very durable and yet flexible – it’s simple to just move your storage accessories around to where you want them.

The Downside of French Cleats?

While a French cleat tool board is extremely customizable, it also requires a lot of customization up front: it’s not simply a matter of buying a board and accessories. If you don’t have a lot of time or skills to build your own attachments or aren’t crazy about DIY, this system might not be the best for your lifestyle.

Garage Slatwall Tool Board

The slatwall tool board, whether made from metal, VPC, or wood, is a neat system if you don’t want to worry about screws of any kind. The accessories you purchase for this system will come with a flat hook or slats that allows them to rest comfortably between slats on the board. This also makes it easy to arrange and rearrange your supplies for optimal use.

As with the pegboard storage system, slatwall accessories also are available in kits. It is important to make sure that your accessories are the correct:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Width

There are plenty of hardware accessories available for your metal slatwall system. Here are just a few of the options.

Accessories for Your Slatwall Tool Board

Just as with the pegboard tool board, J hooks, L, hooks, and so on can also be purchased to organize and accessorize your slatwall tool board. Here are some additional accessory options to consider for your slatwall tools board.

Utility Hook For Hanging Large or Heavy Items

A utility hook is great for your large or heavy items, such as ladders. With a slatwall and the proper utility hook accessory, it is easy to hang and store such items.

A Bike Hook Will Keep You Road Ready

Having a bike in the garage or basement can take up a lot of precious space. With a bike hook accessory for your slatwall tool board, you can store your bike or bike tires conveniently and save yourself some space. This variation on the J hook can carry loads of up to 100lbs.

Try A Loop Hook For Long Items

A loop hook is great for a variety of materials. These include;

  • Ink cords
  • Ropes
  • Cables
  • Even jump ropes

Now, imagine never having to trip on or untangle these items again!

A Magnetic Tool Bar Is Catching On

A magnetic tool bar is an elegant and ingenious way to store your tools without fumbling with extra parts. Keep items of the same kind together, within easy sight and reach without having to search for what you need, when you need it.

Panel Hooks For Extra Strength

If you need to store something heavy, consider a panel hook. Its size and strength will ensure that whatever you store stays put.

Clip Make Storage Quick and Easy

Clips are a secure, creative and quick way to store garments and other soft materials

Ball Caddy For Sports Equipment

For sports fans, storing equipment can be a real puzzler. Save yourself from tripping over balls, finding extra space in your home, or deflating and reinflating your equipment every time you need it by adding a ball rack to your storage repertoire.

Baskets Create More Space

Baskets can create extra space in your garage or basement and help you sort through your belongings.

Shelves For Large Item Organizing

As with baskets, your shelving options are pretty much endless. You can choose the:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Holding capacity

Your shelves will be organized!

Chrome Waterfall To Keep Items Separate, But Accessible

Think of those useful little “arms” in the clothing or drug store: the ones that hang at a downward angle with a separate notch or ball for every hanging item on them. Now picture one of these as part of your garage tool board. Consider a chrome faceout to keep the handheld tool close, but separated.

A Gridwall Garage Tool Board System

Last but not least, the gridwall is a particularly low maintenance way to store your tools, supplies, and appliances. Any accessories you purchase will hook on easily and hang from the back. This system is a good option if you anticipate a move or don’t have a permanent location for your supplies.

The same types of accessories listed above will prove a useful addition to your gridwall tool board. Like the other tool board systems, a gridwall is highly customizable in terms of deciding how to organize things. For instance you can incorporate:

  • Bins
  • Shelves
  • Hooks
  • Clips

These are easy to incorporate and install.

Your Garage Tool Board System

The make and materials of your garage tool board system will have a significant impact on the types of accessories you choose to purchase. Common materials for a garage tool board are

  • Wood,
  • Acrylic, and
  • Metal.

Which material you choose for your tool board system depends on how many tools you have, what kinds of tools you have, and how much money you care to spend. Your garage tool board accessories must be able to adhere to whichever board you choose without damaging it or falling off. Also, check and adhere to weight restrictions carefully.

Another consideration is the state of your garage and how you expect your accessories to wear. If you are purchasing metal accessories for example and your tool board is in a damp environment, consider accessories that will be able to stand up to rust and corrosion over time. This will help you to get the most out of your investment and time.

Should You Buy A Shelf Kit?

When shopping for accessories, many people choose to go with a shelf kit. This is an easy way to get a variety of accessories at the same time that is sure to be compatible with whatever board system you are choosing. A typical shelf kit will come with a wide array of hooks and bins to meet your storage needs.

Whether buying a kit or purchasing separate accessories, make sure that your attachments are the correct size and width for whatever board system you have chosen. This will save you headaches and hassle.

Extra Items for Your Accessories

Occasionally, you may find that your need to accessorize your accessories, so to speak. Check and see if any of the following items might be of use to you.

Rubber Protectors for Hook Ends

If your garage tool accessories are made of metal, it is a good idea to invest in rubber protectors for your hooks. This will help keep you and your loved ones stay safe and make for easy storage if you need to move or reorganize your garage tool board. Some kits include rubber protectors, but if purchasing additional or separate hooks, or if you lose some, you may need to buy your own. Luckily, they are very affordable.

Peg Locks for Garage Pegboard Tool Board

If you have a pegboard, peg locks are another helpful investment for your garage tool board system. This often-overlooked little tool will make sure that your hooks stay securely in place. Peg locks help keep you and your tools safe and save your money by preventing accidental falls, shifting, and breakage.


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