About Us

YourCarCave.com is a collection of valuable and useful information regarding everything automotive, especially in and out of the garage.
We’re a group of friends that try to improve the holy sleeping grounds of our cars, or as we like to call it, our Car Caves. As everybody even remotely interested in cars will tell you, it’s not just a means of transport from a to b. For some it is even a passion.

We consider ourselves to be part of the latter category. So why not transform our garage into something more than just a covered parking spot where you put all your clutter and garbage?
This is where we want to make a difference, searching for solutions to make our garage more a “living” space than a dark and dusty backroom.

Need help organizing your stuff? Having nasty problems and issues with your garage? Or just want to create a cool mancave around your car?
That’s only a handful of the reasons why we decided to share our experiences in our own quest to the most epic Car Caves, as well as some handy tips and tricks on the side when we use our garage as a wrenching area.

Join us and be inspired to customize your own Car Cave into a unique, tailored to your own taste and needs, chilling spot for you and your car!